NOTE: this ESTT webpage will continue to highlight ATSC technology gatherings in the near-term even though the “official group”  will no longer exist

ATSC Technology Talks

  • 2/13 from 12 Noon – 1 PM: “What’s New @ Microsoft?” Sarah Yocis or another of Sarah’s colleagues from Microsoft will share the latest!
  • 3/4 @ 10:30 Outsmart the Scammers
  • 3/9 @ 10:30 AARP Smart DriverTEK

PLEASE NOTE: check this website if you are attending for a particular subject. On rare occasions presenters have to cancel at the last moment

Future ATSC topics may include:

  • Facebook – innovations in past year; inserting pictures before or after text
  • Social media: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. Advantages of each, drawbacks, cost? Grid: generations that use which social media the most (Millenials – Instagram, etc.)
  • Music: Spotify, Amazon Music, others?
  • Essential Tech Tools for Older Adults

WINDOWS 7 NOTE: Here is some key commentary from Microsoft relating to Windows 7 coming to an end on 1/14/20 and potential issues: 

“While you could continue to use your PC running Windows 7, without continued software and security updates, it will be at greater risk for viruses and malware. Going forward, the best way for you to stay secure is on Windows 10.”

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  • We meet at the Anderson Senior Center, 7970 Beechmont Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45255
  • Noon – presentation, usually concluding with a Question & Answer session


ATSC technology talks are free of charge to members unless noted otherwise. We encourage attendees to become members of Anderson Township Senior Center (ATSC membership information is HERE)

Featured APPs

ELEVATE – brain training

Technology Humor – click HERE for many  and below for a few specific ones

POINTS TO PONDER – technology is a blessing and a curse…

FUTURE PLANS – see possibilities HERE


2019 talks ————————————————-

12/12 – ESTT discussion included the following:

  • Instacart – shopping for housebound
  • Yelp
  • YouTube
  • Waze
  • Jim A. shared slide scanning using Epson; Paul C. mentioned one-slide-at-a-time slide scanner too

10/10 – Sarah from Microsoft talked about …

8/8 – We covered Facebook basics. Now “Friends of Anderson Township Senior Center” has a Facebook page HERE

6/11 @ 12:15 PM [NOTE DATE/TIME CHANGE] – Humana spent time with us on a Social Media Overview

4/11 – “Heads in the Clouds: cloud-based resources for easy storage and access of documents, pictures and much, much more!” Key topics from Sarah and Steve’s presentation are HERE, including a special note from Sarah about Windows 7

2/14 – Scams (continued)” presented by Sarah Yocis.  HERE is an AARP primer on the topic

1/10 – Steve talked about accessing free, online tech tutorials designed specifically for seniors (links in RESOURCES section) The outline of the talk is HERE



We are people on the east side of Cincinnati** interested in technology and learning more about it and how it can help us and others.  After each gathering we’re more aware of what is going on around us that relates to technology and how we might use it (or not!)

Our regular speakers include:

  • Sarah Yocis is a Community Development Specialist with Microsoft who presents to us regularly

  • Steve Long is a repurposed marketing research consultant who taught for years at the ASC’s Computer Learning Center, directed Job Search Learning Labs and now facilitates the ESTT meetings. See more about Steve here



Occasional speakers include:

  • Kathy Rose is an innovative & strategy-focused Market Research professional who is now retired but still following her passion for social media marketing. She has volunteered her research and media talents with the Job Search Learning Labs (JSLL) and other regional groups interested in social media
  • Dr. Roger Giesel is a former Cincinnati pediatrician. He has taught for 13 years at tRoger Gieselhe Anderson Senior Center, including five-week courses on Picasa, Photostory, Internet and email, Paint Shop Pro, and others. He is now retired and has taught many sessions on using iPhones/iPads for seniors at his home – the Deupree House in Hyde Park – and at OLLI at University of Cincinnati.
  • Doug Neiheisel is the owner of DR Micro, a wonderful computer repair/solutions store just down the road at 8016 Beechmont. See more about Doug and DR Micro here
  • Microsoft – Kenwood: See more about the store here

** including but not restricted to the areas of Anderson Township, Mt. Washington, Newtown, Batavia, Amelia, Cherry Grove, Withamsville, New Richmond and Eastgate


10 Tips for Teaching Tech to Seniors

We have the following equipment available for your use

  • Epson 7230 projector for large screen (roughly 10′ diagonal) – wireless and HDMI connections available to this
  • Microsoft wireless adapter (click HERE to see if your device will work with this wi-fi device)
  • 42″ monitor with HDMI inputs
  • voice microphones — we will sometimes advocate this since the ambient noise can be a little high at times

Please contact Steve in advance if you have questions on any of this…

Roger shares about iPhones
Lots of interested questioners
Facebook training
David and Sarah from Microsoft